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The Farm Print Edition

The Farm is now available in paperback.

After destroying the mafia in New York, Jonathan and Johnson are wanted men. The CIA has offered them safe passage but not everyone agrees they belong, including them.
Going through the motions at The Farm, the training location for all CIA agents, Jonathan and Johnson find themselves outcast by all the instructors as well as some of the top students.
When the lead instructor decides to take matters into his own hands the only result is death. Jonathan and Johnson find themselves on the run once again but can they really out run the CIA?

I'm All F#@cked Up

I started a new book today.  It goes along the lines of Lost Inside.  The disclaimer will show you what my goal for this book is.  What I am looking for, from you, my fans, is to spread the word to anyone who has depression, bipolar, or any other mental issues.  I want to tell their stories, to share with the word how they cope with issues they face daily.  They can choose to remain anonymous if they so desire.  Just email me at so we can talk.
Here is my disclaimer. Please be honest in what you think.

First off let me start this book with a disclaimer.  I do NOT, have a degree in anything, least of all psychology, but then again, I really don’t believe in most that do.
I say this because I’ve been challenged in the past for my book, Lost Inside, about what gives me the right to give advice to people with depression, bipolar, or other mental issues.  That my advice is dangerous to them because I’m not a psychologist.
Well, what gives you the right?  Just because you have a piece of paper that gives you a title?  Now I said MOST earlier because when speaking with those who have challenged me I ask, “Do you have depression, bipolar, or any other mental issues you treat?” Usually the answer is, “No.”
You use phrases like, I understand, I know what you’re going through, and I see but in actuality you do not.  How can you “understand” how I’m feeling if you’ve never felt it before?  How can you “know what I’m going through,” if you yourself have never been through it?  How can you “see” what I’m talking about if you’ve never experienced it?  Simply put, you can’t!  You can guess at it, but you will never know.
But you think you know better than me because you have a degree and I don’t.  Well all I can say to that is, would you mind if I wipe my ass with that piece of paper, cause to me that’s all it’s worth.
With that stated, all I have left to offer those who have these mental issues is my voice.  I can only speak to what I feel and what I have been through.  If you feel the same, have experienced what I have experienced, then by all means share my words.  I know the hardest thing to do is express how you feel to someone who has no idea how you feel.  My goal is to build a bridge between those two worlds and offer understanding to those who truly do not understand.
These are my emotions, my experiences, my joys, my pains, my own words.  I hope you find them helpful.


NOT a psychologist

This needs a Title

This needs a title. Please leave your "Title" suggestions in the comments.

When you're feeling overwhelmed
And the world is crashing down.
Remember these words,
To turn things around.

Someone loves you.
Why? I'm not sure.
Who? I don't know.
But their motives are pure.

Someone loves you.
That should be enough,
To get you through the day,
And past all the negative stuff.

Someone loves you.
Let it be a mystery.
Someone loves you...
Hey, don't look at me!

Max M. Power

You Call Me Crazy

You Call Me Crazy

You call me crazy,
But that’s not fair.
You don’t know the terror I feel,
When frustrated I grab and pull my hair.

When anxiety sets in,
All the voices get loud.
I can barely breathe,
I am so ashamed, never proud.

On the outside
I am chipper and happy.
On the inside
I’m screaming but no one can hear me.

I live in constant fear,
Afraid of what the world will do.
Will they lock me up and throw away the key?
Or will they laugh and call me crazy, like you?

You call me crazy,
But you do not know the real me.
Frighten and insecure,
This is not the way I will my life to be.

Max M. Power

Dragon Warrior

I need a woman's opinion. You're an alien hunter hunting reptilians. You have dragon armour. As a woman do you wear the one that covers your boobs or shows them off?

Not So Happy Holidays

With the holidays approaching fast, things all around us are changing.  Despite what we tell ourselves it's not all for the better.  This is the most stressful time of the year and we do it to ourselves, on purpose.  While everyone is spreading cheer, there are those that are suffering in silence, more than usual, this time of year.  I use to be one of those people.  For those, this poem is for you.

Not So Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year,
Where I have to paint a smile on my face,
Everyone is faking,
Being kind to the Human race.

Everything is so festive,
Colors are so bright,
Everyone is so Merry,
Pft, yea right.

With every well wishes
I want to gag,
Knowing the rest of the year,
They act like an old hag.

Nothing is genuine,
Nothing is real.
Lies upon lies
As everyone gathers for the two big meals.

But a fake smile,
I too, shall wear.
I hate this holiday season,
I sit alone in despair.

Max M. Power